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Having been a professor and academic advisor at two private Christian universities and one large public university Dr. Heckler saw firsthand the void in student preparedness for college. As a researcher and problem-solver, this piqued her interest. Her research concluded that many college students had no game plan when choosing or attending college. Unfortunately, this contributed to students attending a four-year undergraduate institution for 5 and 6 years and attending colleges that were not successfully preparing students for careers in their field. So, Dr. Heckler started researching colleges and universities with higher-than-average admission rates to graduate programs to assist her college students, further investigating strong 4-year graduation rates and high job placement rates per field. While conducting this research, she uncovered a franchise opportunity for college planning and accrediting agencies for educational consultants. In 2017, having found her passion, Dr. Heckler decided to leave academia to pursue college advising full-time by opening a Class 101 franchise location in West Tennessee.


Over the next four years, while Class 101 grew into a national franchise serving 100s of students per location via group and online advising, Dr. Heckler attended college admission counselor conferences and educational consultant seminars to hone her skills and develop her private practice. While a franchise, Dr. Heckler remained steadfast to her counseling roots that college advising should be a personal one-on-one counseling experience rather than a cohort experience. In 2019, Dr. Heckler was admitted into the Independent Educational Consultant Association as an associate member. 


Quest2College began serving West Tennessee in May of 2021. At Quest2College, students are assessed and advised individually based on each student’s needs and goals. We spend hours getting to know each student’s personality, interests, qualifications, and aspirations through individual sessions, personality assessments, essay workshops, campus tours, and standardized test courses. This process helps us determine best-fit colleges for the student’s educational, social, professional, and personal growth. At Quest2College, our goal is to inspire students to find their passion, develop a plan, and empower them to make their dream a reality.

Nina Heckler

Nina Heckler

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Nina C. Heckler, Ph.D.


Dr. Heckler is the founder of Quest2College, where her mission is to help students find their passion and develop their career plans while on the quest to college! She helps students and families navigate the complex steps leading to successful and affordable college admission. Dr. Heckler conducts one-on-one college exploration and advising, prepares students for standardized tests and applications, facilitates campus tours, and assists parents in college cost comparisons and FAFSA completion.

Dr. Heckler earned her B.S. from the University of Central Florida, an M.A. from both Baylor University and St. Mary’s University and her Ph.D. in Sociology and Educational Leadership from the University of Alabama. She has served as a college professor, academic advisor, and department chair in the fields of Sociology and Family Studies. Her 15+ years in academia, coupled with her 5+ years of community counseling, has inspired her to work with high school students in need of direction and focus when planning for college.

Quest2College guides you and your college-bound student through the multifaceted process of applying and paying for college.

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