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College Planning

For high school students, preparing for college well in advance is vital! There are specific steps to ensure that students make the best decisions for their personal goals.

The Benefits

The benefits of Quest2College are evident in our students' acceptance rates, standardized tests scores, and scholarship awards.

Decrease Stress

Lower stress levels and improved confidence because you have an expert by your side

Being Proactive

Proactive steps to help the student determine a major

Extensive Preparation

Interview preparation and essay writing assistance to set you apart from other students

A Clear Outline

An actionable plan with deadline accountability

In Depth Research

A in-depth college search and comparison because of our extensive knowledge

Scholarship Research

Active pursuit of sports and fine arts placement and scholarship options

Make Financial Aid Easy

Clear explanations to help you understand scholarships and financial forms

24/7 Support

Support you can count on from start to finish

Traci Carney
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