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Financial Services

College can seem very expensive, but it doesn't have to be. The financial aid process may be overwhelming. We will guide your family from the start to the end. We will maximize the different ways your student to get their scholarship awards, so financial costs decrease.


FASFA & CSS Profiles  (Financial Aid Forms)

Many people say that the FAFSA is are harder to complete than taxes! Statistics show that 90% of people who complete the form themselves do it incorrectly. We help complete the form for your family. Even if you make an above average income you might still be eligible for financial aid. We offer many helpful hints that help lower your overall Expected Family Contribution (EFC). We also advise students when and how to complete the CSS profile used by more than 300 colleges to determine need-blind aid. 


Taking the Complication Out of the Paperwork

It is essential that the paperwork is filled out correctly so that your application is accepted and reviewed by those offering the scholarship. It is disheartening to discover that you were not considered because of a missed due date or incomplete information on the documentation. We read the fine print so that this does not happen.


Reviewing the Requirements

We highlight your best achievements on the application so that you stand out, and we help you feature the attributes that make you the best candidate. We review the merits and terms of eligibility with you so that you can decide if applying is the right choice. Plus, we help improve your skills for requirements such as essays and interviews.

Marietta Haywood
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"I just made over $170,000 from improving my ACT at my top 4 colleges. Best investment of my life, even though my parents paid for the services.”  

-Courtney V.

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